About the All Japan Curry Manufacturers Association

NameAll Japan Curry Manufacturers Association (Abbreviation: Curry Association)
Location3-20-1, Kuramae, Taito-ku Tokyo, Japan  Yamagishi Building, 502
Phone number(03)5687-1793
History(1941) Showa 16th Year, 12 May – Establishment of the National Curry Industry Association Federation
(1944) Showa 19th Year, 23 July – Establishment of the Japanese Curry Industry Control Association
(1947) Showa 22nd Year, 22 February – Establishment of the Japanese Curry Industry Cooperative Association
(1952) Showa 27th Year,  25 April – Establishment of the National Curry Association
Showa 28th Year, 21 July – Establishment of the National Curry Industry Cooperative (1953) Association Federation
(1961) Showa 36th Year, 23 May – Establishment of the All Japan Curry Industry Cooperative Association


To further promote and expand the spread of curry among general consumers, we will actively work towards improving the quality and ensuring a stable supply of curry. Through the production and distribution of curry, we aim to contribute to the realisation of a more prosperous, safe and healthy consumer lifestyle aspired to by Japanese people. Additionally, we will continue our efforts to contribute to the development of global dietary habits. To achieve this, we will implement the following specific initiatives:

  1. Promotion and Publicity of Curry
  2. Market and Quality Research and Studies
  3. Collection and Dissemination of Curry-related Information
  4. Collection of Food-related Information for Members
  5. Providing Instruction and Information to Improve the Management and Technology of Members’ Businesses or to Promote Knowledge about the Association’s Activities
  6. Fostering Mutual Friendship among Members
  7. Other Activities Necessary to Achieve the Objectives of the Association


The organisation of the Curry Association is structured as follows: The General Assembly, which serves as the highest decision-making body of the Curry Association. Below this is the Board of Directors, serving as the executive body. Additionally, it is organised with an Operations Committee and a Technical Committee as advisory bodies. Furthermore, an Audit Committee/Board of Auditors has been appointed as a separate oversight body.

The General Assembly is composed of all association members and serves as the highest decision-making body for matters such as annual event planning, financial budgeting, changes in officer positions and more. The Board of Directors is composed of one Chairman, three Vice Chairmen, one Managing Director and nine Directors. It serves as the executive body responsible for reviewing and executing decisions made by the General Assembly and other matters related to the association’s activities.

As part of the organisational structure under the Board of Directors, there is a specific subcommittee called the Operations Committee composed of seven members. This committee is responsible for overseeing and managing specific aspects of the association’s operations and organisational affairs. The secretariat or administrative office is responsible for various general administrative tasks related to the operation and management of the association.


Chairman小形 博行エスビー食品 株式会社 (S&B Foods Inc)
Vice-Chairman江崎 勝久江崎グリコ 株式会社 (Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd)
Associate浦上 博史ハウス食品グループ本社 株式会社 (House Foods Group Inc.)
Associate森村 憲二平和食品工業 株式会社 (Heiwa Foods Industry Co., Ltd.)
Executive Director和田 務員外役員 (External director)
Board Member/ Director甘利 毅甘利香辛食品 株式会社 (Amari Spice Foods Co., Ltd.)
Associate小泉 貞男株式会社 インデラ (Indira Co., Ltd.)
Associate星野 倶廣株式会社 オリエンタル (Oriental Co.,Ltd.)
Associate中村 せりか交易食品 株式会社 (Koeki Food Co.,Ltd.)
Associate内田 恒雄株式会社 多務良屋 (Tamuraya Co,. Ltd.)
Associate高橋 正則テーオー食品 株式会社 (TO foods Co., Ltd.)
Associate奥村 正男日本調味食品 株式会社 (Nihon Chomi Shokuhin Co., Ltd.)
Associate高橋 慎一ハチ食品 株式会社 (Hachi foods Co., Ltd.)
Associate道家 民樹株式会社 明治 (Meiji Co., Ltd.)
Board Member/ Director幸家 誠株式会社 大崎屋 (Osakiya Co., Ltd.)
Associate保坂 浩一水牛食品 株式会社 (Suigyu Shokuhin K.K.)
Associate松山 洋茂ムアー食品 株式会社 ( Moorfood Co., Ltd.)